This abhorrent saga began in October 2022 when my son Aidan was first attacked within his New Jersey group home. When visiting my son earlier this week, I was devastated to discover a contusion on his arm. The agency overseeing the Kearsley Group Home would have me believe that my son’s injuries were all self-inflicted. However, look at any of the images in this post, and it becomes evident that “self-inflicted” is blatantly implausible.

Aidan's arm bruise

March 2023

Aidan's head injury

December 2022

Aidan's bruise

October 2022

Broken Promises

After the initial incident in October, the powers that be have continuously promised to provide Aidan with 24/7 line-of-sight supervision, ensuring his safety. Meanwhile, my son was attacked again in December, and this week marks the third occurrence.

Enaction Speaks Louder Than Words

While the ongoing battle to pass Billy Cray’s Law continues, New Jersey State Assemblywoman Aura K. Dunn has drafted Bill A5204. This bill expands the definition of victims of domestic violence. Enacting Assemblywoman Dunn’s bill will help ensure that those demonstrating severe behavioral issues (e.g., the group home resident assaulting my son) cannot reside with non-violent adults with special needs. I am not saying that people with severe behavioral issues do not deserve group home placement. I solely believe that they should be placed in group homes specializing in caring for high-risk individuals.