These photographs show how my son went to school this week. And if his school had not sent me these images, I would never have known how devastating his injuries were. The group home where Aidan resides told me, “It’s clearly a self-inflicted scratch.” Meanwhile, I drove the two hours to bring him to urgent care, where they applied medical glue to aid in the healing process. The staff at the urgent care center told me that if I had not taken Aidan there, his injury would not properly heal, and he could potentially get an infection. If you look closely at these images, you will notice his nails are too short to have inflicted this gash.

Aidan's head injury
holding Aidan's hand

The only positive aspects of this experience were how brave and calm Aidan was throughout and the fact that I was able to spend more time with him.

Aidan smiling

Yet Another Real-World Occurrence Proving the Necessity of Passing Billy Cray’s Law

No one at Aidan’s group home has a valid explanation for how or why this happened. Please take a moment and put yourself in the shoes of a parent of a child with special needs. Imagine not knowing if your child is safe or being adequately supported and looked after.

New Jersey State Senator Joseph F. Vitale continues refusing to release this bill for a public hearing. The public has a right to advocate for this critical bill, so contact him for our voices to be heard!

New Jersey State Senate President, Nicholas P. Scutari, can be a powerful ally in persuading Senator Vitale to release this bill.

This online petition to pass Billy Cray’s Law is under 100 signatures away from reaching 5,000!