Nearly one year ago, we published our initial Help Pass Billy Cray’s Law article. And today, the passing of the Billy Cray Law, Bill A4013S3301, is still being held up by New Jersey’s legislators. Senator Edward Durr of District 3 is the primary sponsor of this critical piece of legislation. But unfortunately, our legislators have not reached across the aisle to agree on what should be an easy decision.

Coming Together to Protect Our Children

Mr. Durr said the reluctance to give Republican bills a hearing is holding back bipartisan measures. He said a prime example is “Billy Cray’s Law,” a bill he sponsored that would require adult group homes to give residents the choice to install electronic monitoring devices in common areas. It also provides residents the option to get electronic monitoring in their rooms. The bill is named in memory of a man who died in an adult home.

Some groups have expressed privacy concerns, but Mr. Durr said the bill would promote choice among residents of the homes and would attract wide support if Democrats brought it forward.

He said he will advocate for all of his bills despite the long odds.

“I am going to continue to hammer at the door. I continually hear from people saying, ‘This is New Jersey and it’s never going to happen.’ I was told I was never going to be a senator. If you keep trying, there’s a possibility of anything happening. But you gotta try,” he said.

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Take Action

You can do your part to protect the residents living in group homes by signing this online petition, or by contacting your local legislator.