A few years ago, Billy Cray was found dead in his bedroom closet at the New Jersey group home he resided in. At only 33 years old and dealing with a severe developmental disability, Billy had been lying dead for over seven hours before a staff member discovered him facedown on a pillow covered in his own blood.

Ensuring the Safety of Our Children

Had there been a video camera installed in Billy Cray’s bedroom, his parents would know exactly what happened. Not only this, but it is also possible this horrific incident could have been prevented with the aid of video supervision. If passed, Billy Cray’s law would give guardians of adults with special needs the option to request video monitoring. This law can help ensure the safety of our children, especially those who are non-verbal without the ability to ask for help. It also benefits group home staff members, as there would not be discrepancies regarding what occurred during the video recording.

male adults with special needs drawing

How Can I Help?

The Billy Cray Law, Bill A4013S3301, is currently being held up by the President of the New Jersey Senate, Stephen Sweeney. Stand up and make a difference by contacting him directly and expressing your heartfelt concerns in regard to the passing of this bill.


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