Woods Services, the New Jersey-based umbrella organization of Legacy Treatment Services, is violating my civil rights. Five of my clients have children living in Legacy group homes, and I pride myself on representing them to ensure their children receive adequate services and support. It is my legal right to be present during meetings between my clients and Legacy staff members. And as my clients request my representation at these meetings, I have done just that. Unfortunately, advocating for the rights of my clients and their children with special needs is frowned upon by Woods Services and Legacy Treatment Services; they are currently attempting to revoke my ability to attend the aforementioned meetings. Since then, each of these five clients has informed Legacy that they will not be attending future meetings unless I can be present.

Legal letter from Legacy Treatment Services

Why Does Woods Services Think They Can Violate My Civil Rights?

Simple. Because annually, Woods Services’ top 16 executives make over $4.5 million combined. With that money, why would they concern themselves with the well-being of five of their over 22,000 patients and residents?

Unfortunately for them, I concern myself with the well-being of all my clients and their family members.